HR Consulting

Employee satisfaction in any company is dependent on its Human Resource services department. In order to deal with the nitty-gritty involved among the employees, to ensure smooth functioning of HR department, & to compensate for resource availability, companies opt for HR Resource outsourcing (HRO) or HR consulting services.

Thus, HR consulting can

  • Help in structural reduction of the Human Resource Managing (HRM) cost base, by identifying the non-value adding activities and eliminate the hidden HR operations costs.
  • Help in identifying the inefficient Human Resources (HR) Administration processes and HR practices.
  • Help organizations to focus on human resource performance.
  • Help organizations to serve their employees better, as the people come first.
  • Help organizations to improve efficiency, productivity, communication & employee morale.

Human resource (HR) consulting represents hiring an outside firm to opt for consultancy in different realms of company’s HR activities. Some of these HR functions are HR management, payroll administration, benefits coverage & workers comp benefit.

The role of human resource consulting services in an organization differs with the extent of outsource functions. Some services go with the “all-or-nothing” approach, requiring that they handle all your HR functions or none at all. Others offer their services “a la carte,” meaning employer can pick and choose from the HR consulting services they offer. The HR consulting portfolio -may include features like payroll administration, employee Benefits, human resource management, risk management.

HR solution from Taiijas Infotech provides an integrated human resource solution for your enterprise. We aspire to deliver high quality, timely and cost competitive HR solutions.

Taiijas offers an array of managed HR solutions designed to reduce your costs and provide premier HR outsourcing services. Improved HR performance, compliant HR processes and lower cost of administration makes it the single source solution for all aspects of HR management.