Web Developer

This courses helps you identify wide range knowledge of Web Development with hands-on experience on the topics, which will enhance the chances of getting a job in a reputed it company. It will make you understand the values and the impacts of learning and development activities in organization.

Unique benefits to the students:

  • Get comprehensive information packed courseware during the program and for back home use.
  • Learn from the industry expert who has a vast experience in the area of learning and development.
  • Network with other professionals from the same background and interest.
  • Brand yourself as a certified Web Developer.

Course details for basic web development course  –


  • What are Websites / Domains?
  • What is Server/Client Environment/Architecture?
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Basic HTML syntax
  • HTML doctype
  • HTML Forms


  • Introduction to CSS
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Grouping
  • CSS Selector
  • CSS Comments
  • CSS Types


Introduction to PHP

  • Wamp Server Installation
  • Introduction to PHP MyAdmin
  • Write your First PHP Program
  • Embed PHP in HTML / HTML in PHP
  • PHP Programming Concepts

Basic PHP Syntax

  • PHP Variables
  • PHP If .. Else
  • Loops in PHP
  • PHP Functions
  • PHP Variables
  • PHP Forms
  • GET, Post Methods in PHP

PHP Functions

  • Using Functions in PHP
  • User defined Functions
  • Predefined Functions
  • Common Functions
  • String Functions

Arrays in PHP

  • Why use Arrays
  • Types of Arrays
  • Creating Arrays
  • Accessing Arrays
  • Array Functions
  • Using Array Functions

Error Handling in PHP

  • Introduction to Error Handling
  • Types of Errors in PHP
  • Writing a Try Catch Block


Introduction to MySQL Database

  • What is Database ?
  • Understanding an RDBMS
  • Understanding Tables, Records, and Fields
  • SQL Language
  • Using the MySQL Command-Line Client

Working with MySQL Admin(Working with PHP MyAdmin)

  • Creating Databases
  • Creating Tables in Database
  • Specifying Field Data Types
  • Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type
  • Adding Field Modifiers and Keys
  • Selecting a Table Type Altering Tables
  • Altering Table and Field Names
  • Altering Field Properties
  • Adding and Removing Fields and Keys
  • Altering Table Types
  • Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables
  • Backing Up Databases and Tables
  • Restoring Databases and Tables from Backup
  • Dropping Databases and Tables
  • Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information

MySQL Functions in PHP

  • Managing Database Connections
  • Performing Queries
  • Processing Result Sets
  • Queries Which Return Data
  • Queries That Alter Data

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