Web Designer

Web Designing is an integral and significant part of IT industry. Today, it is a promising career option. Web services are applied in industries, business, education and public sector. Web design services include Need analysis, Solution designing, Web content writing, web content planning, Product photography, Graphic designing, Designing Flash, HTML coding. Career in web designing can be the right option for those having a flair for creativity.

Unique benefits to the students:

  • Get comprehensive information packed courseware during the program and for back home use.
  • Learn from the industry expert who has a vast experience in the area of learning and development.
  • Network with other professionals from the same background and interest.
  • Brand yourself as a certified Web Designer.

Course Overview:


  • What are Websites / Domains?
  • What is Server/Client Environment/Architecture?
  • Introduction to HTML
    • Basic HTML syntax
    • HTML doctype
    • HTML Text Formatting
    • HTML Lists
    • HTML Links
    • HTML Headings
    • HTML Tables
    • HTML Images


Introduction to CSS

  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Grouping
  • CSS Selector
  • CSS Comments
  • CSS Types
  • CSS Background
  • CSS Text
  • CSS Font
  • CSS Units
  • CSS Tables
  • CSS Image Opacity(Transparency)
  • CSS Invisible Tags
  • CSS Horizontal Menu
  • CSS Margin
  • CSS Border
  • CSS Padding
  • CSS Pseudo Classes
  • CSS Pseudo elements

Photoshop- Basic tools

  • Zoom Tool
  • Magic wand Tool
  • Crop Tool
  • Move Tool and many more.

Working with Photoshop Files

  • Opening a New file
  • Creating JPG/GIF file
  • Creating PSD file

Creating Art work

  • Manipulate Photos
  • Create Textures
  • Create Beautiful Art

Web Designs

  • Creating Presentation of Content
  • Designing Interactive Content
  • Website templates

Flash CS4 – Basic Tools

  • Catalyst Tools
  • Shape Tools
  • Line Tool
  • Hand Tool and many more.

2D & 3D Animation in Flash

  • Drawing Techniques
  • Text Effects
  • Visual Effects

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