32 of the PHP Best Practices for Beginners

PHP is the most widely-used language for programming on the web. Here are thirty best practices for beginners wanting to gain a firmer grasp of the fundamentals. Editor’s Note:The “Best Practices” progression has been my infant for a few sections now. However, due to my focus on the CI video series, I’ve […]

PHP & MySQL security

1. Introduction Writing PHP applications is pretty easy. Most people grasp the syntax rather quickly and will within short time be able to produce a script that works using tutorials, references, books, and help forum forums like the one we have here at PHP Freaks. The problem is that most […]

Awesome Tips and Tricks for PHP Beginners

Ok, so now you have “learned” …. wait should that be a single quote …. PHP and you are ready to really be able to start using it for something more than you can do with HTML. I will get into the use of single quotes vs double quotes, short […]