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Best iPhone developers list

First week of February marked the first time the U.S. iTunes store had over 150,000 apps available. Close to 31,000 different developers (or “sellers”) were responsible for those apps, with many offering one to five apps, while a few offered over a hundred different apps. Which developers consistently produce top-selling […]

Android Platform for Amazing Mobile Applications

New age of communication has brought up amazing innovations for the mobile users as Android have shown its presence as new platform for mobile application development. Android platform was released in year 2007 serving the mobile users all over for the quality application development. Recently Google has released android SDK […]

Quick Acceptance of India in iPhone Application Development

India is stack of technologies & platform of talent for the development/programming of latest gadgets as well as implementation of new processes and methodologies. In year 2007 an US based multinational mobile manufacturing company Apple Inc has introduced its new mobile phone called “iPhone”. This advance feature rich mobile phone […]

iPhone Coding: Using the Accelerometer

You don’t need to use a lot of fancy routines to subscribe to data generated by the iPhone’s built in accelerometer. A single UIApplication delegate lets you know whenever the iPhone has updated its tilt data. When you add a method for (void)acceleratedInX:(float)xx Y:(float)yy Z:(float)zz to any UIApplication, the iPhone […]

How the iPhone Could Reboot Education

How do you educate a generation of students eternally distracted by the internet, cellphones and video games?Its easy. You enable them by handing out free iPhones — and then integrating the gadget into your curriculum. That’s the idea Abilene Christian University has to refresh classroom learning. Located in Texas, the […]

Apple Launches iPad

Apple today introduced iPad, a revolutionary device for browsing the web, reading and sending email, enjoying photos, watching videos, playing games, reading e-books, and much more. Its high-resolution Multi-Touch display lets you interact with content — including 12 innovative new apps designed especially for iPad and almost all of the […]